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Design Fordi

A local book project where no detail has been spared

The “Vind, Vand og Vin” print campaign takes us on a visual journey to eight restaurants in West Jutland, where a love of food, historical angles and anecdotes go hand in hand with a conscious choice of the very best paper qualities.

Each eatery has its own DNA, and the book reveals the chef’s favourite or signature dish, or a dish that reflects the place’s history.

These are lyrical and visual stories about the passionate people who toil in restaurant kitchens to give diners the best possible experience, as well as stories that take the reader on a journey through the windswept landscape from Skallingen to Nymindegab.


From thought to print of the sensory printed matter

It is, as I said, a book where no detail has been spared, and it has been 1 year in the making in strong collaboration with the book’s publisher, Design Fordi. After showcasing paper collections, inspiration books and finding solutions to specific requests, we created a dummy copy of the final book without print. This allowed Design Fordi to physically see their request, feel the paper, the weight of the content and, not least, the surface of the special paper for the cover before production began.

The choice was a cover made from Sense Nature Snow 135g, carefully designed with undulating patterns that encircle the cover text in gold: “Vind, vand og vin”.
The book is made as a Swiss binding, so it can be opened completely, and the contents are only glued on the back cover page. This creates the perfect open/fold function and reveals the beautiful open spine, where the title of the book also appears – a complex and beautiful detail that reveals the precision and quality of the craftsmanship.

The paper is Munken Kristall Rough 150 gsm, which thanks to its matte look reproduces the beautiful colours in the carefully selected images photographed by Pia Enghild.

Just like the harsh landscape and winds that change the landscape along the west coast, the paper quality for the cover has been chosen so that over time the book will patinate and the cover will appear softer and the edges “worn”. A stunning detail that highlights the meticulous groundwork that goes into creating a truly special printed product.

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