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We store and send SEGES' printed matter

We offer secure storage, handling and dispatch of our customers’ printed matter directly from our warehouse to the end customer.

On behalf of our client, the SEGES publishing house, we send out textbooks, teaching materials and reference works to farmers, agricultural consultants, teachers and students in Denmark and abroad every day. In total, several thousand consignments are sent each year.


"We use the shop and warehouse solution from Stibo Complete because it means we don't have to spend time and resources handling that part of the job in-house. It allows us to spend our time on our core tasks. The system is easy to use and our customers receive their books or training materials quickly."

Lene Overgaard Bruun

Publishing Director

Easy and fast dispatch

When an order is placed on the SEGES web shop, it is automatically registered in our system – and we handle the rest from there: We pick, pack and ship the printed matter from our warehouse.

With printing and distribution under one roof, we offer full flexibility, efficiency and arguably Denmark’s best shipping prices.

SEGES never runs out of printed matter

As part of SEGES’ warehouse and logistics solution, they have access to an online portal where they can monitor the current inventory level. The system also notifies them when the inventory reaches a certain level. That way, SEGES knows when it’s time to reprint and will never run out.

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