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40 years of embracing differences, communities and musical experiences

In 2023, Muskelsvindfonden (Lit. “Muscular Dystrophy Foundation”) and Tuborg celebrate four decades of Grøn Koncert (“Green Concert”). Concerts that bring Danes together in eight different cities over the course of two weeks, with proceeds going to Muskelsvindfonden’s work to create Room for Differences.

A concert as rich in traditions as Grøn requires extensive preparation, planning and logistics. Every year, Stibo Complete performs tasks for Muskelsvindfonden based on strong collaboration and many years of know-how, so all materials for Grøn are in safe hands.

With fixed project managers, we offer Muskelsvindfonden valuable peace of mind, as we know exactly how the materials should turn out, thanks to our long-standing collaboration.

New creative balls are juggled and we solve tasks through collaboration to take Grøn to new heights. To accomplish all this, our product specialists assist in the development of new ideas and solutions and ensure that all messages at Grøn get the best possible exposure.


At eye level with familiar characters from DR Ramasjang and a fast-paced circus show

Cirkus Summarum and Cirkus Jul (“Circus Christmas”) create an enchanting circus universe for children aged 3-8. Here, children will meet all the familiar characters, such as Onkel Reje (“Uncle Shrimp”) and Motor Mille, when they go on tour during the summer and Christmas seasons. Cirkus Summarum is organised by DR Big Band, and Cirkus Jul with SAXO and Aarhus Theatre, all in collaboration with Muskelsvindfonden and, as is the case for Grøn, all profits go to Muskelsvindfonden’s work.

The decoration of the events is playful and colourful and contributes to the overall experience of a fun-filled circus venue. There’s room for all children and facilities that are accessible for people with disabilities. Every year, Stibo Complete advises on materials and delivers beautiful motifs in the form of signs and carved, quirky characters for this fairytale universe.

What is muscular dystrophy?

The course of muscular dystrophy differs for each individual and is not a single diagnosis, but rather a generic term for the group of diagnoses known as neuromuscular diseases. You can read more about Muskelsvindfonden and their amazing work to make a difference here

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