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Museum Odense

An exhibition inviting you behind the scenes

Back in Christmas 2016, Stibo Complete met up with the design agency, Torden & Lynild, for the first time. This turned out to be the very beginning of a close collaboration and since then, we have created and set up many great exhibitions across Denmark.

Our first joint project was at Møntergården in Odense, where we created Histotoriet. Now 6 years later, we are back in Odense at Møntergården where we have helped create and set up another great exhibition.


At Museum Odense, we have been incredibly happy to collaborate with Stibo Complete in connection with our special exhibition "24 Packages". The design in the sustainable honeycomb cardboard was indeed the right solution, which gave the exhibition the look and feel we wanted, while at the same time minimising the waste of resources at a temporary exhibition.

Line Borre Lundø


Take a virtual tour of the 24 parcels

Jump straight into a virtual version of the exhibition and click around in the image below.

24 parcels with a look ‘behind the scenes’

At the exhibition “24 parcels – a look behind the scenes of this year’s TV Christmas calendars”, visitors get an exciting look into the production of the two Christmas calendars – Tinka og Sjælens Spejl and Julehjertets Hemmelighed. Here, the visitors get a chance to have a look ‘behind the scenes’ and see the original, iconic items from the Christmas calendars packed as 24 giant calendar parcels.

At this exhibition, we have been responsible for constructing, producing, and installing the 24 different calendar parcels.

A unique design for each parcel

Each parcel is made up of 16 mm honeycomb cardboard with a unique design – from small parcels where you open a door and look inside, to large parcels of 3 x 3 x 3 metres where you can go inside and experience the original props and costumes from the Christmas calendar.

In each parcel, lights, sound effects, and other AV-equipment are installed, which support the whole experience and makes it even more magical.

The many possibilities of honeycomb cardboard

At this exhibition, you can experience how strong honeycomb cardboard is if it is constructed correctly. In fact, honeycomb cardboard consists of 80 % less wood than an equivalent medium-density cardboard or chipboard, which would have been the alternative material to be used for building the exhibition.

Would you like to hear more about what options you have when it comes to using honeycomb cardboard? Feel free to contact us for sparring or guidance.

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