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Hørsholm Egns Museum

A love affair on print

At Hørsholm Egns Museum in North Zealand, Denmark, the award-winning illustrator, Karoline Stjernfelt, displays her interpretation of the most famous love affair in Danish history with her exhibition ‘Keep me innocent’. That is, the love affair between the young Queen Caroline Mathilde, Christian VII, and the court physician J. F. Struensee.

The exhibition consists of reprints of a string of Stjernfelt’s drawings, large carved figures, as well as wall photostat of her drawing of the main characters on the banks of Hirschholm Castle. The exhibition is inspired by the black frames of the cartoon genre, and both Stjernfelt’s drawings and the original works are displayed in interaction with funny speech bubbles and signs on the walls. The graphic designer behind the beautiful cartoon concept for the exhibition is Christina Bruun Olsson.

The exhibition ‘Keep me innocent’ is open for visitors up to and including 2023.


The collaboration with Stibo was really good.

Ingeborg Philipsen

Curator at Hørsholm Egns Museum

The reprints of Stjernfelt's drawings turned out really well, and the task of making the large figures stand freely was solved perfectly. We were given test prints, special wishes and needs were accommodated, and all the items were delivered at the agreed time.

Ingeborg Philipsen

Curator at Hørsholm Egns Museum

From idea to finished result

In close collaboration with the exhibition team, Stibo Complete helped find the best solutions regarding both choice of material, formats as well as combination and composition of the various elements.

It was crucial that the reprinted drawings were accurate in both colour and proportions. In addition, it was very important that Stjernfelt’s human-sized Caroline Mathilde figures could function free-standing and ‘dancing’ in the middle of the room. The wish was for the figures of Caroline Mathilde to form a square and hold hands. This was solved with a royal crown in the middle, assembled with a slit. That is, a really good solution that worked as desired.

All the figures are made from 10 mm stadur, which are lightweight plates. In addition, they are made at man height to make them seem more realistic.

Funny effects and comedy

For the walls, we produced funny cartoon signs and speech bubbles that helped give the exhibition a quirky twist. These were all made in 5 mm stadur.

In addition, we produced signs of the main characters with carved faces, which welcome the museum visitors at the entrance and invite them to interact and play.

Finally, we created a promenade with distance effect, where the figures of the three main characters stand together at a distance of 19 mm or more. And as a background for the figures, we produced a sign to be mounted on the door behind.

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