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How HAEi increased awareness and engagement with their audience

“How do you create a conference that’s impressive and impactful, yet doesn’t take up much space?” 

That was one of the first questions that came up at the brainstorming session with HAEi.

Because how do you do it? Especially while towing the green line in your product choices?

HAEi organises conferences in different countries, and Stibo Complete has been involved in the planning, right down to the smallest details on the printed matter and large format printing. And shipping materials to Frankfurt or Bangkok, for example, is not without its costs. The materials are not returned, and it was important for HAEI to leave behind products that could be recycled and disposed of responsibly.

HAEi wanted to find a solution for a bag to store their own and sponsors’ brochures and giveaways in. Experience from previous conferences showed that brochures are often left lying around on the floor, and that bags containing various materials are left behind on chairs. So, it was also important to find a bag that was environmentally friendly, so that it could be disposed of responsibly if left behind. The solution was a cardboard box with a carry handle that could sit neatly on floors or chairs, and which conference attendees could easily take home with them.


“Stibo’s creative talents and expertise have greatly contributed to impactful exposure at our conferences. We look forward to continuing our wonderful partnership with Stibo Complete at our upcoming conferences in Munich, Panama City, Copenhagen and .....!”

Karina Langsager

Manager Events

Eye-catching cardboard towers

How do you get your message 2-3 metres high up on a stage that also needs to be lightweight and easy to transport with minimal pallet space? We went to the drawing board and found a solution in the environmentally friendly POS material cellular cardboard, which, thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, can be cut to desired formats and folded. The cardboard towers can then be easily assembled and dismantled by one person on site. The same was true of a replacement for the classic roll-up. Here too we developed an alternative to retaining flexibility by folding the cellular cardboard in three to minimise space, but with the same overall format as a roll-up.

Alongside suitcases, cardboard towers and cellular cardboard stands, we also provide other materials for HAEi such as notebooks, lanyards, brochures, flyers, cue cards and various merchandise, helping them be fully prepared for their conferences.

Who is HAEi?

HAE International (HAEi) is a global organisation dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by Hereditary Angioedema (HAE). HAEi represents 96 member organisations and raises awareness of the diagnosis with the ultimate goal of creating access to life-saving medicine. As part of their services and solutions for member organisations, they organise conferences every six months, which serve as important platforms for knowledge-sharing, collaboration and education. The conferences bring together doctors, researchers, patients and carers, and the pharmaceutical industry from around the world to discuss the latest advances in HAE research, treatment options and patient care. Stibo Complete has played a crucial role at these conferences in helping HAEi raise awareness and engage their audience.

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