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Denmark's largest distributor

As a Stibo Complete customer, you too can benefit from one of the country’s largest distribution intermediaries, DistributionPLUS.

DistributionPLUS packs, facilitates distribution and is responsible for the full segmentation and selection of all types of addressed shipments. This is particularly beneficial for magazine publishers who want to diversify between different target audiences of the same magazine, or to co-pack with commercial supplements.


Lower shipping costs

DistributionPLUS is the most experienced provider in the country when it comes to advising about optimal distribution solutions for magazines, catalogues and packages.

DistributionPLUS has distribution agreements with the largest international postal companies, ensuring high quality and good prices for shipments worldwide.

“STOR Indlevering” (LARGE Consignment) via PostNord

The “STOR Indlevering” concept has been developed in cooperation with PostNord and offers a unique discount scheme for magazines distributed to Danish recipients.

The publisher gets exactly the same product as with a regular magazine agreement with PostNord, but the price is different – typically saving between 9% and 15% of the current list price.

“STOR Indlevering” is offered 20 weeks a year, and all magazines published at least 4 times a year and with a circulation of more than 3,000 copies per issue can make use of the scheme.

’Alt til ERHVERV’

DistributionPLUS offers distribution as part of the “Alt til ERHVERV” concept, distributed to 130,000 selected companies 17 times per year. This is the country’s cheapest method of physical communication to Danish businesses, with the option of segmentation at industry level – so your message hits exactly the target audience you want.

Format-wise, the possibilities are vast – from a small postcard to a folded newspaper or a plastic-wrapped catalogue.

The minimum print run is just 5,000, so you can start marketing directly to YOUR target audience for very little money.

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