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Digital strategy boosted by physical magazine

Digital strategy boosted by physical magazine

The BOLIGEN trade magazine was closed down in 2019, but social housing industry organisation BL – Danmarks Almene Boliger found that they had lost contact with their members. This called for action, and the magazine has now been reborn in a new and refreshed version. Stibo Complete was invited to participate in the entire process of reinventing the new version of BOLIGEN. Decisions were made regarding the right paper, format and, not least, the development of the design.


"The BOLIGEN magazine ushers in a new era of paper publishing. Some will relive the joy of our paper magazine from previous years, while others may wonder about our digital strategy. Let us assure you: we haven't given up our digital presence, but we believe that a paper magazine can add something unique. That's why we've worked hard to develop a magazine with well-crafted journalism that you will want to save, re-read and share with others. Hopefully, with the magazine in hand, members will also want to follow our weekly newsletters. And we hope they will read it again when the next magazine comes out in the autumn."

Bent Madsen


"It's great to hold our new magazine in my hands! Wow, we're happy and what a great co-operation we have had with you! We are ready to publish a new magazine again in the autumn. Holding a paper magazine in one's hands again is a joyful reunion."

Christina Ove Holm

Head of Communications

The idea behind the new BOLIGEN magazine is not to compromise on digital presence, but to unite the two strategies. BL hopes that members will want to save, re-read and share the journalism with others.

The magazine is published twice a year, and at Stibo Complete we will print, pack and distribute BOLIGEN so that BL’s members have some enjoyable reading material waiting for them in their mailboxes.

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