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Solid brand identity cast in paper and concrete aesthetics

Unicon is Denmark’s leading manufacturer and supplier of ready-mixed concrete, and the brand agency Clienti was to deliver the perfect brand book, which at first glance reflects Unicon’s identity and DNA.

But how do you get cardboard and paper to rhyme on concrete? And then also at a good price?

Stibo Complete was invited to the table as a sparring partner early in the process, and the end result speaks its clear language. The finished book has its very own raw and solid expression, which is nothing short of a bulls eye in relation to Unicon’s brand identity and narrative.


It is a pleasure to work with a printing company that can help enrich our creative ideas and ensure that we also deliver an optimal output to the customer on the printing front. With joint help, we created a brand book for Unicon, which to that extent helps to support the brand strategic work that precedes this printed matter. Even though the brand book has got full throttle, it is possible to make it a very sensible economy.“

Rasmus Risbjerg

CCO and Partner, Clienti

It looks heavy as it lies there with a front and back that mimics the concrete aesthetic to perfection. As a printed matter, it is assembled in an open back with the characteristic blue and white stripes recognized from Unicon’s concrete cannons on construction sites and country roads. And then it’s inviting. You feel like touching and flipping through it, and you can do so safely, as it is of course printed in uncompromising quality.

Build your printed matter in consultation with the bookbinder, and save money

Unicon’s new brand book has an exclusive and creative expression, and this has been achieved at a good price, because the bookbinder was early invited to the table as a sparring partner. Creativity and material composition went up in a higher unit within some standardized framework where the book could be produced mechanically without too much artisanal support. And there is good economy in that, because a pure machine production can save you up to 30 percent. in production costs.

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