Good pictures convey ideas

Professional finishing of images will lend consistency to your visual style, which in turn will highlight your brand

Your messages will come across more clearly if you provide images that complement the text, and this is why we use professional graphic programmes when creating unique images to accompany your text.

Among our regular image editing tasks are jobs for magazine publishers, mail order businesses and advertising bureaus. Common to all these tasks is the demand for extremely high quality in the images themselves as well as their stylistic effect.

We use state-of-the-art software to adapt your images and to perfect contrast, colour and light. You will see the results in a uniformity of expression; this will increase recognisability and strengthen your brand.

Advantages for you

A uniform brand expression to support your company name
High quality images that are suited to both print and digital publication
Retouching and masking for a cleaner look
Product and press images in various formats for your own image bank
Stibo Complete - Image editing

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