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Easy and convenient ordering for business cards

The business card is an important first impression in professional contexts.

Is your organisation one of the Danish companies that order a lot of business cards every year? Then you should become acquainted with Stibo Complete’s smart business card portal.

The business card portal is an online platform that offers a quick way to order new cards, whether it’s for one person at a time or for the whole company.

The card design is pre-set to each customer’s requirements so all cards follow the company’s defined layout and only the text needs to be added at the time of ordering. It couldn’t be easier!


Easy and customised registration

There are different set-up options on the portal, so access can be easily adapted to each company’s needs.

The company’s employees can set themselves up as users, but it is also possible to load all employees into the system at once via a CSV file. The latter can be a great time-saver for large companies that need to place a substantial combined order.

The two setups can also be combined, so that all existing employees are loaded initially, while new employees can subsequently add themselves as users and order business cards individually.

It is also possible to set up an approval function that allows the company to approve new orders before they are initiated.

It takes just 2 minutes to create an order via the business card portal.

Contact us if you want to save time and money on business cards.

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