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Flying Tiger

Packaging that's a little out of the ordinary

Inspired by its Italian colleagues, Flying Tiger Copenhagen in Denmark came to Stibo Complete with a very special task.

They asked for new Flying Tiger Copenhagen packaging – to fit humans.

The inspiration came from an event held in Italy, where a huge Flying Tiger Copenhagen box was set up at Christmas time, so that passers-by could immortalise themselves in the box and thus give themselves as gifts for Christmas.


"The boxes are a huge success and more events are already planned in several of the country's shopping centres where the boxes will be set up."

Barbara Schmidt

Marketing Coordinator at Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Denmark

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A very special task

Stibo Complete was thus commissioned to produce a similar box, but adapted to Danish weather conditions.

The solution was a box made from lightweight sheets of twin-wall plastic with a honeycomb structure, making the box strong while increasing flexibility.

The boxes have been used for several events over the summer in many of Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s stores. Passers-by find them fun and want to be photographed in the box, after which the photo is shared under the hashtag #FlyingTiger.

Great PR value

Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s new CEO, Mette Maix, was so enthusiastic about the idea that she had her picture taken in the box in connection with an article in Jyllands Posten.

Part of a bigger picture

In addition to this unusual custom production, Stibo Complete also supplies a wide range of marketing material to Flying Tiger Copenhagen. For example, we deliver shop posters and window film every month, as well as monthly special offer catalogues to around 800 stores worldwide.

In 2017 and 2018, we were behind the chain’s large Christmas catalogue, as well as helping with the production of various other products such as badges, board games for internal use and much more.

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