Case studies

Danske Transport Medier

Getting rid of the hassle and ensuring a more environmentally friendly magazine wrapping – a win-win situation for Danske Transport Medier

Up until 2020, Danske Transport Medier (DTM), an independent media company serving the transport industry, used all of four different suppliers for the printing and distribution of their magazines: Transport Tidende, Lastbil Magasinet, as well as all the inserts and special editions that they send out continuously every year.

DTM faced the challenge that they had to speak to one supplier for rotary pressing, another supplier for heatset printing, a third supplier for foiling, and finally a fourth supplier for distribution of the 36 regular publications.

The many different suppliers made the everyday, administrative planning very complicated for DTM and for this reason, they decided to look for a business partner that could manage all the different elements as a full-line supplier.

As of January 2021, Stibo Complete was chosen as DTM’s new full-line supplier that, in addition to producing and distributing the magazines, also functions as partner in matters of development and sparring.


More environmentally friendly wrapping

Previously, Lastbil Magasinet was wrapped in plastic foil, but today, the magazine is wrapped in 100 % recycled paper (on our paper wrapping machine), which is far better for the environment. In addition, it is possible to print marketing messages or news directly on the wrapping – perfect as it is the first thing your recipients will lay their eyes on upon receival.

Clever, environmentally friendly, and efficient.

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