Where will I find ICC profiles for printing on a variety of paper qualities?

ICC profiles are available here. If you are in doubt about anything, contact our prepress department, where our skilled staff will be able to help.

What will it cost?

Prices vary depending on the product. Contact us to discuss the exact requirements of the job.


How long is production time?

We always work out a detailed production schedule for printed matter. Contact us for further information.

How do I upload files?

For the majority of tasks, we suggest our Apogee workflow system for handling and approving files. This assures all users of a reliable and quality result. We can set up a user-ID for you in this system. You will receive a link through which you can upload your files.

What is cropping, and what are trim marks?

A minimum of 3 mm trim/bleed is necessary on all your print-ready pdf files in order to ensure a good result. Contact us to find out more.

What types of varnish are there, and what are the differences between them?

We offer all types of varnish and lamination. Depending on the production method, the choice of materials and finishing, there may be physical limits to what is possible. We offer:

1. Varnish (matt, silk and neutral)
2. Coating (matt, silk, gentle touch and neutral)
3. UV (matt, silk, spot and full surface)
4. Lamination (matt, silk, crack-free matt and soft touch)
5. Special varnish (drop-off, relief, gloss and other types)

Have a chat with us about what would best suit your idea and your product.

What should the spine width be on softcover books and catalogues?

Contact us – we would be pleased to calculate the correct spine width for your printed matter.

What should the scribing be on covers for fully bound books?

Call us and we will gladly help calculate the correct scribing for your printed matter.

What are glued pages?

Glued pages occur only on rotation-printed items and only on tacked/clamped tasks. For tasks with a certain number of pages, some pages are glued on the previous or subsequent side because these pages are not held by the clamps in the spine. In such cases, the middle 3-5 mm of the page disappears in the spine. If this happens in your case, we can advise as to alternatives.

What is 4 mm mount and page glue?

4 mm mount and page glue are the roughly 4-5 mm where the page is glued in at the first and end pages of the publication. This is done to achieve an attractive impression on the first pages of the book or catalogue.