Stibo Complete scores great in EcoVadis rating

At earlier request of our customer Grundfos, we had ourselves assessed by the ESG assessment agency EcoVadis in 2020, where we achieved a very good rating and received a bronze medal.

The bronze medal confirms our continuous work with, among others, the environment, sustainable production, and good working conditions for our employees. The success is now repeated in 2022, where we once again have received a bronze medal.

Stibo Complete receives a bronze medal

“We are delighted to yet again receive a bronze medal from EcoVadis. This further substantiates that our customers and business partners can trust our environmental and sustainability messages,” says CSO at Stibo Complete, Mads Dyhrberg Andersen.

In addition, we can use the assessment results as a reference for Stibo Complete's ESG efforts when our customers – like Grundfos – request it. 

Do you want to know more about our ESG initiatives and what they mean for you as a customer?

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Stibo Complete - Stibo Complete scores great in EcoVadis rating

What is the EcoVadis rating based on?

EcoVadis is an internationally recognised and independent ESG assessment agency that assesses companies' ESG activities on the basis of 21 criteria across four main areas, which are:

  • Environment
  • Good working conditions
  • Ethical business responsibility
  • Ethical and sustainable procurement

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