The pilgrimage from festival jewellery to an international jewellery brand

The probability of you having had and still having a piece of Pilgrim jewellery in your jewellery box is undeniably very high. For almost 40 years, Pilgrim has very successfully created jewellery for both the Danish market and abroad.

The family-owned company started its journey in 1983 driven by the passion for music and people. Therefore, the first pieces of jewellery were mainly sold at festivals. However, since then, the company and the brand have grown into an international jewellery brand.

At Stibo Complete, we have the pleasure of producing and delivering all POS material to the many stores.

Stibo Complete - The pilgrimage from festival jewellery to an international jewellery brand

Creative and well-made POS material

The many POS campaign tasks span both wholesale and retail stores and therefore, we provide support on many different solutions and also help come up with creative ideas.

For the aluminium frames hanging on the walls in the stores, we have produced fabric banners – both with and without light. On counters and display walls, we are responsible for printing new price tags and campaign material, which are inserted into the existing systems. In addition, we print material such as foil campaigns for windows and counters, signs with suspension fittings and much more.

In fact, you cannot walk into a Pilgrim store without seeing POS material that we have produced and supplied.

A virtual look into a Pilgrim store

Would you like to see some of the solutions we help Pilgrim with? Jump straight into a virtual Pilgrim store and click around in the image below.

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