A new method for magazine and catalogue wrapping

At Stibo Complete, we have been discussing alternative solutions for magazine and catalogue wrapping with our clients for a longer period of time.


Environmentally friendly solution with great possibilities

Stibo Complete always wants to help the individual client find the perfect expression – for this reason, Stibo Complete has decided to invest a significant amount in the million range for a new wrapping machine that is able to wrap magazines and catalogues in paper-based wrapping.

At the moment, we are testing a number of recyclable paper qualities just as we are testing 4 coloured prints for paper wrapping.

Stibo Complete - A new method for magazine and catalogue wrapping

Bundling of up to 15 loose leafs

The new, state of the art wrapping machine is able to bundle up to 15 different loose leafs in one paper wrap package which covers most clients’ bundling needs. 

The paper wrapping machine is expected to run from August 2019 at our factory in Vadum.

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