A heartfelt Christmas greeting

True to tradition, this year's Christmas Seal was published at Copenhagen City Hall and this year, HM The Queen could reveal the Christmas Seal 2022 together with Niels Ditlev who is the artist behind it. 

At Stibo Complete, we are both happy and humbled that we now – throughout several years – have been responsible for both printing, packaging and distribution of the Christmas Label.

Stibo Complete - A heartfelt Christmas greeting
HM The Queen together with Niels Ditlev, the artist behind this year's Christmas Seal. Together, they presented the Christmas Seal 2022.

A Christmas greeting with a royal tribute

The Christmas Seal 2022 marks both HM The Queen’s 50 years anniversary of her accession to the throne and Fredensborg Castle's 300-year anniversary. The motif is therefore composed of elements from the three Christmas hearts that the Queen has drawn.

This year's artist behind the Christmas Seal, Niels Ditlev, is an illustrator and advertisement designer. He is known, among other things, for his adverts for Carlsberg, DSB, Tivoli and Det Ny Teater. Niels Ditlev has a strong connection to the Christmas Seal Homes, as he spent some time there himself as a child.

Stibo Complete - A heartfelt Christmas greeting

A long process of creating the Christmas Seal

This year's Christmas Seal 2022 was announced back at the end of October, but the process of creation the seal has been on-going for over a year. Back in autumn 2021, Niels Ditlev was selected as the artist and in January 2022, he had the first draft of this year's Christmas Seal ready. In June, the Christmas Seals were finally printed.

Stibo Complete - A heartfelt Christmas greeting
Henrik Kolding ready to kick off the printing process. Henrik is chairman of the Christmas Seal Committee, the committee responsible for selecting the artist of the year. Here, he inspects and approves the first prints of this year's Christmas Seal.

About the Christmas Seal Homes

Each year, up to 1,000 children get a fresh start at one of the Christmas Seal Homes. Children who are struggling in their everyday life. Children who are lonely, children who are bullied, and children who have lost all confidence in themselves. At the Christmas Seal Homes, these children get a fresh start with new friends, safe surroundings, and a whole lot of confidence.

Buy this year's Christmas Seal and support the children at the Christmas Seal Homes here.

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