A distinct style across 1,200 stores

Stibo Complete supplies a wide range of marketing material to Coop's stores in Denmark.

In a collaboration that goes back more than 13 years, Stibo Complete (formerly Scanprint) has delivered everything from weekly packages and POS campaign material to weekly and store opening catalogues and all kinds of general printed matter.

Stibo Complete is currently responsible for many regular tasks, including the production and packaging of "weekly packages", which consist of a wide range of signage materials for all of Coop's 1,200 stores.

Stibo Complete - A distinct style across 1,200 stores

Effective campaigns

In addition to the weekly sign packs, we regularly produce material for Coop's many campaigns, whether these are birthday campaigns, the introduction of the FAST LAV PRIS ("fixed low price") concept or the offer of a sustainable carrier bag – we're always ready to help develop new and exciting materials.

It's crucial for me that my printing service is flexible and structured, as we often work to short deadlines. Stibo Complete makes it happen, and we get all the POS materials into the stores on time – and at a good price.
Desiree Søndergaard
Senior Project Manager at Coop Denmark
Stibo Complete - A distinct style across 1,200 stores

In-store messages

Campaign materials can include all kinds of printed POS materials, which Stibo Complete develops together with Coop marketing, so that the desired message is communicated clearly in the store. Depending on the message Coop wants to communicate in-store, a promotional package can include anything from A-frame signs, hanging signs and floor displays to window decorations, shelf wobblers and separators.

Online ordering

At the Stibo Complete warehouse in Horsens, we stock more than 400 printed Coop materials that Coop stores can order online at any time. These include extra materials that an individual store wants for a specific campaign, or a re-order of depleted materials.

Stibo Complete - A distinct style across 1,200 stores

An efficient set-up

An efficient total concept creates synergies and saves money across supply chains through co-production and pool printing. Stibo Complete offers every type of marketing material that Coop requires, thus optimising logistics. Shops can receive just one package with all their materials for each campaign.

Dedicated team

Coop has a dedicated team at Stibo Complete, consisting of graphic development specialists, estimators, project managers, graphic designers and logistics coordinators. Although all work processes are systematised and streamlined, urgent cases may naturally arise that require rapid handling. In these cases, it's a great strength that the permanent Coop team knows exactly what needs to be done, so that tasks are completed quickly and smoothly.

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