At Stibo Complete we take the environment seriously

Indeed, as a foundation-owned company, our only obligations are to ourselves, but in particular to our employees, our customers, the world around us – and our environment.

For us, it’s not just about impressions and expressions. It is also, to a great extent, about footprints. We worry about the footprint we are leaving on the world around us, and we leading the way in the battle to look after the environment.

Stibo Complete is the Nordic region’s largest company of its kind, and we are well aware of the responsibility that entails. We have been in existence for 225 years, and we would like to survive at least as long again. And, our planet needs to as well.

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Consideration for the environment is part of our DNA

Since 1993. Stibo Complete has worked intensively on optimising processes and resource consumption to ensure that our footprint on the planet is as gentle as possible. In 1996, we got our first environmental certification.

Therefore, for us, compassion for the environment is nothing new. It is part of our DNA, the way we think and the way we run our business. And that is how it will be in the future too.


Our printed matter stems from well-managed forestry

It is a myth that printed matter damages forests. Contrary to what many people perhaps believe, it is actually absolutely essential that we use our forests so that there continues to be an incentive to cultivate them.

The crucial thing is that the timber we cut down and use for printed matter does not stem from controversial sources.

PEFCTM is a traceability certification that ensures that the consumption of materials for PEFC-certified printed matter can be followed throughout the entire processing chain, from the forest to the consumer.

In addition, our FSC® certification helps ensure that materials consumption for our printed matter corresponds to responsible forestry. 


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We recycle paper twenty-five times

When it comes to printed matter, it is not a quality in itself that the material is biodegradable. If printed matter is disposed of in the compost heap, the resource is quite simply lost.

Instead, we allow the source to enter a larger circuit in which it is used in the best possible way – up to as many as 25 times.

Thereafter, it is incorporated as biofuel in Danish heat and power plants.


The Nordic Swan label is not a flash in the pan

Stibo Complete was among the first in the Nordic region to obtain the Nordic Swan Ecolabel back in 1996. Even then, the environment was a high priority for us.

Printed matter bearing the Nordic Swan Ecolabel meets

• stringent environmental requirements in all cycles of the product’s life cycle.

• stringent requirements for the use of chemicals

• continuous tightening up on the basis of the latest knowledge and developments.

• product-specific certification and control.


Even though the Nordic Swan Ecolabel has been in existence for several decades, that does not mean that it is an obsolete certification. Quite the contrary, it has only become stronger as time has passed.


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Stibo Complete - Complete Care
In a single year, we have reduced our electricity consumption by the equivalent annual consumption of
435 detached houses
Stibo Complete - Complete Care
Over the last three years, we have reduced our CO2-emissions by 17%
Stibo Complete - Complete Care
Over the course of an year we have recycled 17.213 tons of paper
Stibo Complete - Complete Care
In a single year, we have reduced our consumption of gas and district heating by the an amount equivalent to the annual consumption of 143 detached houses
Stibo Complete - Complete Care
In 5 years, we have reduced our waste of materials by 18%